Kyoto 2006 - Day 1





United Airlines was late getting us out of Seattle so we missed our flight from San Francisco to Osaka. Their answer to rescheduling our flight was to fly us back to Seattle then to Tokyo and Finally to Osaka, but arrival would have been 3 days later. Jeanette said, "No dice, try again." The final solution after 4 hours of Jeanette wrangling the United Staff was to fly us to LA via United Airlines, LA to Inchion, Korea and then to Osaka via Asiana Airlines. We reached Osaka 12 hours later than our original itinerary. The pictures below are from the SFO terminal (yes persistence is more than natural ability... and nothing like a people mover to keep us entertained for the 8 hour layover), LAX (the fuzziness is due to the running between the arrival terminal and the International departures terminal), Inchion Airport (Lexi and I just loved the Traveller's Lounge showers - no pictures sorry), Kansai Airport, and finally the Kyoto Train Station.






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