Kansai 2008 - Day 1





After a long, long, long day of travel you would think we would rest...Hey! We are in Japan! We are ready to go! First place to go was Kobo-san market. It is a monthly flea market held at Toji Temple in honor of a priest named Kobo-san, a picture of his statue is below..

The priests of Kobo-san...







Next we are off to Hana-Toro, a light festival and to watch the sun set and the full moon rise at Kiyomisudera Temple. We found it is not all play for many on this holiday. Wishes for luck are written on paper and tied on trees and at temples for luck. However, the road crew and the rickshaw man were quick to play it up for the camera.










The confectioner below is making a candy we call Kyoto Roof Tiles. They look like the roof tiles on temples. They are crunchy and have a cinnamon flavor. Oiishi!! Delicious!!


A parade came past with a young bride in traditional wedding costume. She is wearing a fox mask, Inari, to hide her from unlucky spirits.




Such elegant kimono!



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