Kansai 2008 - Day 10




We spent the day with Taka. our destination was the city of Tenri, the of a temple named Tenrikyo. There will be only a few pictures since photography was not permitted inside the temple. We were very honored for Taka to show us this place which is very special to him and his family. We visited the three temples starting with the largest first. Each was connected by a covered bridge walkway/hallway. The construction was impressive. This was the cleanest most orderly place we have visited in Japan. The dedication of those who study there is obvious in the glow of every board. It was the only temple where we heard a woman invovled in the mediation/worship chant within the inner sanctum of the primary temple building. The process of prayer/mediation was similar to kata in a rythmic pattern to enhance a meditative and calm mind and body.

The views between temples were inspiring. Whether a tree nurtured throughout many generations or a garden where the rain appeared to disappear as it fell to the ground, each was an experience in itself. We had the opportunity to happen on a wedding ceremony. It was very beautiful. The most inspiring aspect of our visit was that families, many generations represented, would be kneeling in small groups sharing their experience and learning together. I can only imagine the awesome sound and feel of a full temple.