Kansai 2008 - Day 2





Next stop is Nara. We visited the Todaiji Temple. It is enormous. It houses the largest statues of in Japan. To give you a perspective the fingers on the hands are the size of an average man. We visited Deer Park where the white tailed dear are quite friendly and very special. Jeanette Sensei was feeding one that actually bowed her head to her before and after receiving a treat.





In the following garden the koi seemed to have the ying/yang form well practiced. They would change direction every few minutes creating the ying/yang symbol.


The Deer Park had warning signed basically saying, "Don't let your children mess with the baby deer or they will make Momma deer very angry", "Don't tease the deer or they will get angry", "Don't chase or ride the deer or they will get angry", "Don't leave cigarette butts or garbage oe you will make the deer sick". These deer are very agressive when it comes to getting a deer cookie, which are sold by vendors. They will remind you that they are not to just be petted.



This young man was running just to run. No passengers.


They looked a little scared when we walked past. Sensei John asked if they needed a client. Yes, he was joking. They realized his joke and laughed. They were willing! 


The following men were making green tea moochi. It is a round, green, gummy ball. They pound the ingredients with the hammers alternating turns striking. The cowd oos and ahs as they finish. Then jump into line to buy the treats. 



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