Kansai 2008 - Day 5




Well, laundry must be done sometime. Today is the day. We are staying in downtown Osaka. There are no laundromats within walking distance. The laundry service at the hotel is quite the racket with a pair of socks costing $2.10 to wash. Okay, we would go broke doing our laundry that way. On our last trip to Kyoto we located a laundromat by the Budget Inn hostel within 5 blocks of the train station. John thought essentially bringing our laundry from Osaka to Kyoto and back like going to Seattle from Tacoma to do laundry. Well it was much shorter foot travel than the travel to a laundromat within Osaka. We survived the adventure, yes, doing laundry in Japanese can be an adventure. The wash machines do not need soap since it is added during the wash cycle automatically. Setting the washer and drier to the right temperature required the translation book, or we would be wearing pink underwear. You will notice from the instructions below that the wash machine will get angry if you over fill it!

The next stop was the Tengin-san flea market. This is another market you just cannot miss. We picked up a complete Kimono outfit including obi-age-obi, obi-gimi, kimono, and zori for under $50.




Kyoto Station is am immense structure. The first picture is facing south, the second facing north. There is 100 feet to the glass ceiling and three floors below where I was standing.

The train ride back was during commute hours. It is interesting to be sandwiched tightly with your immediate neighbors and completely avoid eye contact for 25 minutes. The face mask is worn by those experiencing a cold or sniffles as a polite way of avoiding infecting others.