Kansai 2008 - Day 7




We spent the morning visiting Kyoto University. They have a very interesting technical and science college. We left for a walk through Yoshida Shrine which is adjacent to the university. The shrine is an Inari shrine, as indicated by the white paper stremers and inari (fox) statues. The symbol for Kyoto as carved in the hillside. We could see it from the university and the north side of the Inari shrines.


These two lovely women were caught by surprise when Jeanette wanted a picture of them. They were so taken by Jeanette's opinion of them as beautiful that the women in the green gave Jeanette her fan and the women in purple gave Lexi her decorative tooth pick case. This was quite an honor!


Then here comes John...

Now this would be a nice place for kata!


You would never think just loking at her that Jeanette could move so fast. Those are numble feet she has. We have trouble keeping up with her.


And here comes Lexi...

You never know where one of these wooded paths will take you.






We watched this women come quickly up to the shrine on the otherside of the hill, about 900 meters away. By the time we came down the other side she had made her offerings, prayers and peace with her ancestors and came swiftly past us. This is quite a feat in kimono and zori on stairs and hillside. We turned to talk about how fast she was and she was already out of sight! We figured she would have dinner on the table before we made it to the bus stop.

We are not done yet! We were now off to Kinkaju Temple, the golden temple This meant a bus trip from the north side of Kyoto by Ginkaju Temple, the silver temple, to the south side of Kyoto. We wanted to catch the temple during sunset for the light.



These are begging koi! The put their heads above the water and beg. No, we are not allowed to feed them. However, I do believe we were there near feeding time.

John and Lexi wishing for luck. This is a very common practice at shrines, to wish for luck.



Now we have seen vending machines for all sorts of things. This one contains batteries, disposable camers and men's ties. We could not figure out why someone would need a tie near a very touristy temple. However, number three appeared to be a very popular model.


Mmmmm, squid donuts!Only Lexi has a fancy for the squid.