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Vintage Kimono Gallery

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A vintage kimono is one that is from a specific period of kimono design in Japanese history. Each period has distinct styles that reflect the trends and tastes relative to the textiles, designs and techniques used in creating the kimono and obi of the period. Textiles used include silk, wool and cotton. Textiles are distinct in the design of the weave and use of dye, embroidery, gold leaf, and lacquer. This means that each vintage kimono is a one of a kind piece of art. The vintage kimono has distinct character and a uniqueness that cannot be matched in contemporary kimono that are brand new. Each is a piece of history.
Vintage kimono are not perfect due to their age and will have stains. Silk that comes into contact with metal, moisture, or sweat can have stain marks. Even in ideal conditions white silks will yellow with time.
Vintage kimono and kimono accessories are one of a kind items which are totally non-refundable.

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