Northend Karate-Do is a private martial arts school located in the north end of Tacoma in the Proctor District. Our mission at Northend Karate-Do is to help our students build a solid foundation for any undertaking.


Karate-Do can be a potent addition to your life, regardless of athletic ability or personal goals. We provide a personalized environment focused on the development of the skills of the individual in a non-competition dojo setting.


Benefits to those who study karate:


         Increased strength, endurance, and flexibility

         Reduced stress and tension for a longer, healthier life

         Improved focus and concentration

         Improved coordination and balance

         An understanding and confidence in the usage of self-defensive techniques

         Self-discipline to achieve goals in every aspect of life

White Belt
Yellow Belt
Orange Belt
Blue Belt
Purple Belt
Green Belt
Brown Belt
Black Belt

Members of Northend Karate-Do are expected to attend a minimum of three classes a week. Classes cover instruction in karate-do including foundation techniques (stances, kicks, blocks, strikes), kata, rolls and falls, throws and displacement, self-defensive holds and releases, and movement. Soft skills are part of the curriculum, such as breathing, awareness, legal understanding and responsibility, and training concepts.

Students who show a desire are given opportunity to learn skills in calligraphy, bonsai, and philosophy.

Advanced students are given opportunity to continue their studies through the addition of techniques that require their developed skills, such as weapon self-defensive techniques, weapon kata, advanced kata, sparring, and multiple attacker self-defense.

All individuals considering becoming a student of the Sensei of Northend Karate-Do are urged to submit a request for an appointment for an interview. In this interview the perspective student is given the opportunity to speak directly with Sensei, visit the dojo, and express why they are interested in pursuing training in this defensive art. Sensei transmits the same material to each class but the method of delivery is specialized to the student demographic. 

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